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How To Lower Heating & Air Conditioning Costs

Fact or Fiction? Which of these common recommendations will actually help you keep your home at a happy temperature and save on utility bills?   Fiction! Turning your thermostat waaay up or down will make your home comfortable faster. Turning the thermostat up or down to much higher or lower temps will not make your home

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Adeedo! + Birdie's Happy Home Tips for Allergy-Friendly Homes
Birdie’s Happy Home Tips: 6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Allergy-Friendly

Allergies are nothing to sneeze at. If you’re like me, you want to keep your home allergy-friendly, right? If you or a family member seems to have more allergy symptoms or breathing problems at home, it may be because there’s a trigger or two that’s making those problems worse. What can you do? It can be […]

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How To Choose The Right HVAC Technician

There is nothing more annoying than finding out your heater isn’t working on a cold winter night or your air conditioner isn’t working on a hot summer day. Knowing who to call at that moment is important! With so many contractors floating around these days, it can be difficult to settle on a particular Orange […]

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