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Air Conditioner Repair or Replacement, Which One is Better?

Air Conditioner Repair or Replacement, Which One is Better?

Most Southern California homeowners tell us they aren’t sure whether or not to replace or repair their air conditioner. Maybe it’s making a strange noise, vibrating too much, leaking refrigerant, or your utility bills have gone up. All you know is that something’s not quite right!

But what does that mean? A new system or a simple repair? The last thing you want in the middle of summer is to make a panicked decision about your AC system. Here is what you need to know about air conditioner repair and replacement before plunking down any money.

Important Considerations

Moving Soon?

How long do you plan to live in your current home? A well-maintained and regularly tuned-up air conditioner can last many years. But if you plan to move in the next few years, replacing an older unit may not be a sound investment unless it’s absolutely necessary. The condition of your A/C may play into the sale price or negotiations of your home.

If you’re planning to stick around, you have a few more options. You can take advantage of the peace of mind an extended warranty offers when you purchase a new system.

Unit Age

How old is your AC unit? If it’s only two or five years old, you may see more benefit to repairing the system instead of replacing it. In most cases, AC units that are older than ten years are outdated and inefficient.

Air Conditioner Repair or Replacement matters when your hvac system is older.
Older units may also have lower Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER) than updated models. Fifteen years ago, the standard efficiency rating was only 10 SEER, while in 2022, some of the most efficient systems have a SEER of 20 to 25!

You may be losing money month after month with an old and inadequate air conditioner. Repair may not be the best route in this case.

Energy Savings

How high are your energy bills? If your air conditioner is older and runs continuously but still doesn’t cool your home sufficiently, you will have unnecessarily high utility bills. An air conditioner replacement is the most effective way to solve energy considerations and could save you several hundred dollars on your yearly utility bills.

With smart technology on the rise, your home’s AC system can be more efficient than ever! With smart thermostat control, dehumidifiers, and variable speed motors, you can control your monthly electric bill in ways that weren’t possible when your old AC unit was made.

Lifestyle Considerations

Does your current AC meet your needs? Is it too noisy? Does it vibrate and cause home life disruptions? Is it in a bad location in your home?

Is it an embarrassing eyesore when entertaining family and guests? Does it dehumidify your home as well as cool? While these may seem like superficial questions, when you combine them with other concerns such as age, monthly cost, and efficiency, these considerations could tip the scale in favor of air conditioner replacement.

When You Should Repair

Much like a car repair, when you take it to the shop to fix one thing, they often find a whole host of other things that must also be repaired. Now, instead of a $500 quick fix, you’re $3,500 in and still don’t have a car to drive until it’s fixed.

Air conditioner maintenance can sometimes work the same. You drop the cash to repair it, and every new clink or vibration is a new worry about potential problems.

How much you want to spend on air conditioner repairs can determine if you need a new system.
The AC itself isn’t usually what breaks down. It’s the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, or any number of other smaller components. All these potential repairs range from $300 to over $2,000 to repair.

Consider all the previously mentioned concerns, age, if you’re moving, and how efficient the machine is before committing to a repair. If it’s going to cost you more than $5,000, we recommend air conditioner replacement for the best use of funds.

When You Should Replace

Replacing your AC system offers several solutions that repairs simply may not solve. A more efficient system that cools your home better and faster, making your home more comfortable. Your monthly bills go down, and you’re able to conserve money and use energy more responsibly.

With air conditioner replacement, you can get a long-term warranty that will cover parts and potentially labor. A new AC system will be more aesthetically pleasing, with no rust or wear and tear, and it will run quietly and smoothly.

Replacement Rule of Thumb

Anytime the cost of repair is over $5,000, it’s time to start over with a newer, more efficient system. No more recurring and costly repairs, just a new system that works like it’s supposed to!

Schedule a tune-up today to see what repairs you may be facing, and which option is best for your Los Angeles home!

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