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Thinking About AC Maintenance?

Don’t Forget to Give Your Condenser a Spring Cleaning

AC units are an investment, and like any other investment, they require regular upkeep. But what AC maintenance can you carry out yourself, and what is best left to the pros? Here are a few ideas of what you should, and shouldn’t do, to help you keep your condenser running smoothly.

Coil Cleaner — It’s A Pro’s Job

When was the last time you bought a bar of soap or a bottle of shower gel? Did you spend time pondering over which brand and type to buy?

Coil cleaner is no different — there are many different kinds on the market, and some can be more abrasive than others.

When cleaning coils for your air conditioning or heating unit, using the correct solution and amount is critical. Doing so should involve a little bit of knowledge and experience. Otherwise, you could use a solution that’s too acidic, causing damage to your unit, and possibly, yourself.

Furthermore, when cleaning the condenser, be careful not to damage the protective coating with abrasive cleaners. You don’t want to buy a new condenser sooner than you need to due to corrosion and rust.

The best advice is to leave the coil cleaning to the experts and save yourself any unnecessary future expenses.

Don’t Use the Hose to Clean Your Condenser

When summer arrives, so does pollen. In California, the pollen count often reaches high levels and leaves condensers covered in pollen dust and debris.

Using the hose to wash down the condenser might seem like an easy solution, but it actually leads to more damage. Think about it. You’re not rinsing away the dust and debris but pushing it further into the condenser. It’s clogging your condenser up rather than cleaning it out.

The best way to clean your condenser is to use a soft brush to get rid of any dirt and debris caked on the coils. Believe it or not, the coils are a bit fragile. Then, use a damp cloth to wipe down the outside of your condenser.

Remember to Landscape Around Your Condenser

Condensers require airflow to operate efficiently. Proper landscaping allows for the free flow of air to ensure the unit is working at maximum capacity.

A properly landscaped area around the condenser also keeps debris from entering the unit. Because a condenser is outdoors, it makes sense to landscape near it with shrubs, trees, and plants that add beauty to your home’s exterior and provide shade for your AC unit.

In addition, landscaping around the condenser can improve its longevity. Overgrowth can make it harder to perform routine maintenance tasks like cleaning or changing filters.

If you want to make the area around your condenser more attractive, first clear the area of debris, cut back any grass or weeds, and add mulch or gravel. Next, plant shrubs or other types of plants around the unit. You can also add decorative elements like rocks and statues for a unique look.

The Best Plants to Place Around Your Condenser

Air-conditioning unit condensers aren’t a pretty item to have in your garden. So why not turn them into something a little more attractive by planting some flowers and shrubs?

If you are going to plant anything around your air conditioning condenser, the best thing to plant is something that doesn’t grow too large — shrubs or hedges that do not exceed three feet in height are ideal. Larger plants make it difficult for your AC maintenance person to reach the unit.

Remember not to plant any shrubs that grow outwards. You don’t want to suffocate the condenser. Arborvitae trees are ideal as they grow upwards, providing shade and protection without crowding your condenser.

Flowers look lovely but keep them away from your condenser. Bees and wasps love scented flowers, and condensers make excellent nesting sites. Instead, opt for hostas — they produce fewer flowers and should keep your condenser free from bees and wasps.

Sedum is an easy-to-grow succulent plant that also works well around condensers. It has a thick and fleshy texture that makes it resistant to heat, drought, and humidity.

Don’t leave it until the last minute for your air-conditioning tune-up — book in today with the professionals at Adeedo. We’ll correctly and quickly perform your AC maintenance at an affordable price, keeping you cool all summer.

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