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We have used Adeedo many times. They are not cheap but they do good work. Today we had a great experience with Min. He came to the rescue to fix an issue with a new kitchen faucet install and while he was here he fixed the drip in the bathroom faucet as ...well!Read More...

Dana Sampson
Dana Sampson 5.0

Serviced was intentional and knew what to do. Unfortunately my bathroom was left a bit of a mess. Grease stains on my lid that I can't get off.

Guy Anthony
Guy Anthony 1.0

I just can’t fathom how they have such poor communication skills with this company. I couldn’t get anybody to return my call, every time I called they said the plumber was on their way and it was a big waste of time. I’m gonna have to dispute the ...charge since they were literally here a week ago and didn’t fix anything properly. I tried to deal with the company directly so they could avoid the fees but what you don’t handle your business this is what happens PSI just tried to call ‘Erica’ as the number she provided and it’s not in service. Fishy bs just to mitigate their bad service? Pretending to care?Read More...

Tony Lippera
Tony Lippera 1.0

I wasted two days dealing with this Los Angeles plumbing service. You will never actually reach anybody in the office when you call, it’s all a service which then relays the messages to the office. They also have no way of calling anybody – – the ...service can only send messages to them. I called on Thursday 11/10 12pm because my main drain was backing up preventing my washer from draining. I had just had them out here on 11/2 to snake the same drain and there was no blockage they said. I waited the entire day having phoned them several times throughout the day always to be told someone would be on their way soon. No one ever reached back out to me I always have to initiate. Finally at 6 o’clock that evening I phoned and was so annoyed they put me on hold and finally a gentleman got on the phone who seemed to be one of the managers or owners. He started reading me all these things from the initial service which many weren’t accurate. I just told him I was waiting all day I needed somebody to come out immediately because I had wet clothes in the washer that I’ve been sitting there all day. After explaining all this to him he apologized, said I would be the first call on Friday morning and my service time was between 8 AM and 10 AM. It is now noon, I have called them four times already and I have never received a call back. This is truly an insane way to do business. If you don’t wanna service the account, that is fine just inform me please. I’ve already called another plumber. The same furious with this company doesn’t begin to cover it. It’s one thing to not fix an issue but another thing to ignore a customer who has done nothing wrong but try to get an answer to a timeframe on when they might expect a plumber so they’re not wasting two days just waiting, unable to reach anybody. Ps they just responded someone was here outside my door. But I was home the entire last two days and no one rang my bell or called me saying they were here. I call bs revisionist history covering their butte, they messed upRead More...

Elena Copeland
Elena Copeland 1.0

I called EZ Plumbing 24 hour emergency line and they helped me over the phone. Then my communication with them is very good. People from their company come to my house and do the work. But I never thought that their work would be so bad. I never imagined ...such a work. That's why I will never recommend them. They are good. Couldn't work.Read More...

Rachel Leibman
Rachel Leibman 5.0

Brian Jackson was so great! Very thorough and meticulous. Super flexible and made sure my AC unit was running properly. Definitely recommend this company and Brian!

Marianne Owens
Marianne Owens 5.0

Plumbing emergencies always happen on a Sunday. But lucky for us, we called Adeedo and had fast service within an hour. Our technician, Ramon Torres was amazing! He found the leak and was able to shut off the water and give us the best options for The price was affordable and the work was excellent. Thank you so much for helping us with this very stressful situation.Read More...

Arthur Heath
Arthur Heath 5.0

Maintenance on tankless water heater.

Deborah Glass
Deborah Glass 5.0

Service was professional, right on time, and a good value for money. Josh was helpful and very clear about what was going on. Nikki, in customer service, was kind, super helpful, and a joy to work with. Thank you, Adeedo!

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