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Daniel C.H
Daniel C.H 5.0

Adeedo! Drains, Plumbing provided excellent service. They were efficient and knowledgeable. Everything was done efficiently and with proper care. Alex Donis took the time to show me what needed to be done, the results and the effects of not having ...regular maintenance. He was courteous and very punctual. I was shocked to have received a call that was responsive and timely. Alex Donis reflects great credit upon himself, and Adeedo! Drains, Plumbing, the company he represents. The service is well worth the value.Read More...

Norman Goldman
Norman Goldman 5.0
Jess Egan
Jess Egan 5.0

Super easy to set up our appointment. Valeria was very kind and got me all set up. Ronny was my tech. Was very respectful. He came and did his job without trying to upsale me like other company's do which was great! We will be using them again!

lori weston
lori weston 2.0
Jay Fukuto
Jay Fukuto 5.0

Highly professional service and nice folks!

Robin Wenger
Robin Wenger 1.0

Beware of this plumbing company. Our case will end up being a lawsuit against them, but the important thing to know is that they scam elderly customers. They conned my elderly relative into signing to ok more than $40,000 of plumbing work that most ...likely was not needed. At the admission of the manager, their policy is to check with other family members before work is done when the customer is a senior citizen and this did not happen. Had we gotten a call regarding this, we most certainly would have received other bids before moving forward. This company has unscrupulous workers that take advantage, and the management does not follow through, either. Please take your business elsewhere and don't pay a penny to them. They are liars and scammers.Read More...

Canesha Brown-Hawkins
Canesha Brown-Hawkins 1.0

Beware of this company!!! They took advantage of my elderly mom who called for a kitchen faucet repair, replace handle on toilet and to flush the water heater. Well per the “technician” the faucet would keep leaking even if he repaired it and ...suggested a new faucet, then instead of flushing the water heater he said she needed a new water heater (2 technicians from Sears) told her that it needed to be flushed and they didn’t do that job anymore then to the toilet handle. Total cost $3200 for everything they could not give individual prices as it was a bundle price.🤔 After the tech replaced the handle on the toilet which was fine before then started running. The tech came back to check toilet handle and recommended a new toilet. These people just are out to make money and will sell you things that can easily be repaired then tell you that you need to replace them. I called another plumber who fixed the toilet and said it was fine and that my mom didn’t need a new toilet. So all of this to say beware they are not honest business people and they take advantage of you if you don’t know any better please do your homework and do your research. These people are crooks.Read More...

Dr. Joanne Royer
Dr. Joanne Royer 5.0

Miah in customer services was delightful to speak with when I called in to discuss my request to provide an acknowledgement. I am a renter and the owner has used a former company for the last 8 years. This was the first time "we" experienced Adeedo. My ...initial experience was in making a call to follow up on my service appointment request that my landlord told me she had made regarding my AC not working. They hadn't a record of the request yet Tania immediately took care of assisting me to set it up. Although they needed to contact my landlord for approval first, Tania kept me informed every step of the way throughout the day. Once the appointment was confirmed, I then had the serviceperson, Duncan, come out. I provide in-home telehealth and he knew I would not be able to be that involved with the service appointment. He was very polite, contentious to not disturb my work, was professional and sensitive to go in and out without disruption. And he seemed to enjoy his job and expertly fixed my AC just in time for our next heat wave~ I just wanted to be sure to say "thank you".Read More...

Dale Penn
Dale Penn 1.0

They'll disappoint you. Two no-shows and no phone call or follow up from Adeedo. My time is valuable too... Goodbye!

Josepha Seletz
Josepha Seletz 1.0

Scheduled 3 times. Twice no show. Once came 1 hour early and left. If your time is valuable call somebody else