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How to change thermostat batteries
How to Change Thermostat Batteries

It’s a universal truth that all thermostat batteries need to be changed or charged at some point. But don’t worry — you’ll need a few minutes, new batteries, and one or two standard household tools for most thermostats. Here are the most popular types of thermostats and how to change their batteries. How to Tell

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Image: a person tying their shoes next to a hand weight, cover image for Keep Nasty Odors out of Your Home Gym.
Keep Nasty Odors out of Your Home Gym

Working out in your home gym has its benefits – a place you can set and forget, convenient access, and privacy. But after working out in a humid or sweaty environment, that home gym smell can leave you feeling a little queasy. The good news is you don’t need to place a peg on your

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Easy DIY Cleaning Solutions That Actually Work

We know we’re supposed to keep our home clean for obvious health reasons, but how often do any of us stop to think about the cleaning products we’re using? Fresh scents, pretty colors, and nice packaging don’t necessarily mean your cleaning products are safe to use. Home cleaning products often contain harmful chemicals that can

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