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Busting Common Myths about AC Repair

Separate the Truth from The Lie: Busting Common Myths about AC Repair.

Here comes summer! Despite wonderful advances in technology and construction, some common air conditioner myths about AC repair, maintenance, and replacement still seem to haunt homeowners and technicians alike. The Adeedo professional team is here to set the record straight!

Are you guilty of believing any of these myths? You might be surprised!

Myth: Replacing an AC Unit Before It Quits Is a Waste of Money

We’re starting with a big one! There are two facts about an air conditioner that’s near the end of its working life: it’s probably costing you more money to run than you think, and it’s no longer running at maximum efficiency.


When are you most likely to discover if your air conditioner has blasted its last cool breeze? The first time you use it on a hot day in the summer, of course! Along with everyone else in Southern California!

If you want to avoid days or weeks before your new AC can be installed, keep up on AC tune-ups, so you know when it’s time to replace it before the first heatwave hits.

Myth: Small Home + Big AC = Faster Cooling

Think of this another way. Would you put a monster truck engine on a lawnmower and expect it to still operate effectively?

Your home AC system is the same. Bigger isn’t always better.


A big AC system blasts cold air in large volumes, but this burst of cold can confuse your thermostat, causing it to shut off before your house is any cooler. Running on these “short cycles” leads to sapping more energy and additional wear and tear.

Installing an air conditioner that properly matches the size of your home will help you avoid extra AC repairs and unnecessarily costly energy bills.

Myth: It Doesn’t Matter Where You Put the Thermostat

Don’t confuse your thermostat! Strategic placement is key for optimal performance.


Thermostats are designed to gauge the temperature of your home and control the climate. But when it’s confused by too much sunlight or a strong breeze, this sends mixed signals.

A thermostat should be installed in a stable area that best reflects the overall temperature of your home. Avoid exterior walls, entrances, and exits, walls that get a lot of direct sunlight, the cool basement or warm upstairs, and don’t place it too close to the kitchen.

Myth: We Don’t Use the Furnace in The Summer

Sorry, this is another common myth to bust! Central AC units “condition,” dehumidify, and circulate the air. But not without help from the furnace!


Air conditioners circulate air with the same blower fan that is also part of your furnace. Equipment matching refers to settings that affect both heating and cooling functions and is why most AC techs recommend replacing both units at the same time.

Myth: Dropping the Temperature Will Cool the Home Faster

This myth has been around for decades, and yet, it’s still not accurate! How fast your home cools down doesn’t have anything to do with the temperature you set. It will actually take longer to reach a sub-zero temperature!


There are several factors that play into this myth. Variable-speed AC units, the starting temperature inside, and the temperature you set it at.

Variable-speed units have many different speeds of blasting air out, but the air inside still takes time to cool. A lower temperature doesn’t mean a speedy cool-down.

Choosing a sub-zero number just means your AC unit has to run for longer, trying to reach arctic temperatures. This is a myth that costs you more money on exceptionally large energy bills.

Myth: “Save” Cool Air by Closing the Vents

Unfortunately, you can’t “save” cool air, but you can do a great job of chilling your air ducts by closing the vents.


This practice can throw your AC system off balance and create uneven temperatures throughout your home. You could also cause pressure to build up in your HVAC system, which could lead to an expensive AC repair.

Both of these issues could result in more frequent AC repairs or replacements sooner rather than later. Some HVAC systems are capable of setting up internal zones. This is the only efficient way to cool portions of your home at a time.

Fact: A Seasonal AC Tune-Up Can Prevent a Busted System!

We hope these myths helped you understand your system and how to use it more efficiently. By the time you start experiencing trouble with your AC system, this may indicate it’s already too late to repair.

Keeping up on regular AC maintenance is highly recommended to avoid being surprised by an out-of-commission unit during a scorching Southern California summer! Contact the Adeedo team today and get your summer cool-down on the books!

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