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7 Tips to Naturally Cool Your Home

The hot California summer is almost here! And you know what that means: The never-ending struggle to stay cool! Unfortunately, cranking up the AC as high as it goes will only serve to spike your monthly electric bills.

The Service Champions team had a chat with our expert technicians at Adeedo and brainstormed seven creative and practical ways to keep your home cool without AC or in addition to it. Yes, it is possible! Check out these simple but effective tips on how naturally cool your home.

Check Your Ceiling Fan’s Magic Button

Did you know your ceiling fan has a magic button? This button will set the fan to rotate clockwise so it can distribute warm air more effectively. But this feature is the last thing you want during the summer.

When the temperatures start to climb in summer or even late spring, flip the switch on your ceiling fan to spin counter-clockwise. It will now push warm air upwards and away from your family, keeping your home cooler. Double-check your owner’s manual to see where your magic button is and how it works.

The Daytime Blackout

Blackout curtains block heat rays and sunlight that pour in from the outdoors. Install thick and reflective blackout curtains and make sure they remain closed during the day, especially the warmest hours.

This will help you easily reduce the amount of solar gain in your home and prevent temperatures from rising inside. Shielding your rugs and furniture from the sun also prevents them from fading.

Keep the Crockpot Out!

Nobody wants to stand over a hot stove to serve a healthy dinner for their family. We’ve got good news! It’s not just for fall and winter soups and stews.

Your pressure cooker or crockpot will be the ultimate dinnertime lifesaver for low-heat and low-energy home-cooked meals. And every cook loves a good one-dish meal! Cool off your kitchen and take a backseat to dinner so you can enjoy cooler spaces in your home.

Make Homemade Popsicles with the Kids

Can you hear that summer ice cream truck headed your way? While super fun for kids, those $5 popsicles can start to make a dent in your pocketbook.

You can easily whip up a simple and healthy mix of your favorite juices and fruits and get it into an inexpensive popsicle mold. Quickly toss them in the freezer and you’ll soon have a cool and delicious snack that drops your body temperature without breaking the bank.

Keep Windows Open at Night

When the sun goes down is when we get a bit of relief from that piercing Southern California heat. Pull back the curtains and let the evening breeze rush through and allow mother nature to cool your home without cranking up the AC.

If you want to speed up the cooldown, set up box fans or fan stands in front of windows to move the air more quickly. A cross breeze can also accelerate the temperature drop in your home when you open windows on opposite sides of the house. Keep the fans going all night and start tomorrow off a little cooler.

Invest in a Whole House Fan

A whole house fan has to be professionally installed in your home, so this may not be an option for everyone. The concept works similarly to placing fans in the windows, only without ugly fans in the way. You can drop the temperature with a simple flick of one centrally located switch!

Turn it on at night with interior doors cracked and the windows open to bring in the fresh night air on high speed! You don’t have to run it all night, but it works well to rapidly cool your home if you do. A whole house fan is also much cheaper to operate your central AC system or several window units, even when you consider initial installation fees.

If you’re looking to dehumidify your home at the same time, a whole house fan can’t do that. But to achieve cool summer nights, it is an affordable alternative, even if you decide to purchase a dehumidifier.

Don’t Forget to Tune-Up Your AC

AC maintenance is something many California homeowners don’t schedule until something goes wrong and it’s too late. Air conditioner tune-ups are essential to keep your system running efficiently, cooling properly, and ensuring it lasts as long as it should.

With Adeedo’s technicians, a detailed seasonal evaluation of your AC system is recommended every year to be confident that your cooling system is ready to beat the heat this summer!

AC maintenance includes cleaning all internal components to improve energy consumption. Our techs also replace any dirty air filters to ensure safety systems are functioning properly before running all season.


If your system needs a tune-up, schedule an AC maintenance appointment with our team today!

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