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How to Flush Your Standard Water Heater


An Orange County or Los Angeles plumber from Adeedo! knows the importance of flushing your water heater in order to extend its life and increase its efficiency. After all, it is not uncommon for sediment to build up over time, preventing the system from running at maximum efficiency. Additionally, other residue such as calcium, magnesium and iron can get trapped inside your unit and cause rust build-up along with water discoloration. Thankfully, these issues can be avoided with a relatively simple flush. And flushing your heater does not necessarily require you to look for a professional. But, hiring a professional can help ensure that the job is done thoroughly.

To try and flush your water heater on your own, our Southern California plumbers recommend you perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure that power to the water tank is turned off if it’s an electric model. For gas heaters, the gas should be turned off.
  2. Next, locate the cool water supply above the water heater and turn it off.
  3. Fasten a garden hose to the drain valve located at the bottom of the heater.
  4. Open the unit’s drain valve and ensure the tank drains completely. Please note that this could take time depending on the amount of trapped sediment. Additionally, please use caution when opening the valve, since using excessive force could break it.
  5. Upon drainage completion, turn off the valve and turn on the cool water supply channel. Fill the heater up halfway and then turn off the cool water supply. Open the drain valve again and allow the tank to drain once more making note of water clarity. If the water expelled is clear, then you are ready to fill up the tank. If the water is cloudy or discolored, then continue the fill-and-expel process until the water leaving the tank is clear.
  6. Once you have achieved clear-water drainage, fill up the water heater.
  7. Before turning the power back on, our Inland Empire, Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers usually advise that homeowners open the hot water taps inside the house in order to release air from the system.
  8. Finally, turn on the electricity or gas so that the water can begin heating up. Should you have a gas unit, please ensure you relight your pilot after reactivating the flow of gas.

At Adeedo!, we are proud to be the very best Orange County and Los Angeles plumber. Our team is exceptionally skilled in water heater maintenance, installation and repair.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an Orange County or Los Angeles plumber from Adeedo!, please give us a call at (833) 936-1791.

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