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Strange Plumbing Sounds?


Undeniably, unresolved plumbing issues can cause several problems for homeowners. If the problem is not fixed immediately, a small situation can become a major difficulty. Fortunately, there are several ways to detect plumbing problems, including paying attention to any irregular sounds your plumbing makes. By doing so, you can help one of our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers resolve the issue for you quickly.

A Hissing Sink
When your sink makes a hissing sound, it often means the water pressure in the pipes is too high. Not only will this put more stress on your plumbing system, it can also drastically increase your water bill. Typically, the installation of a pressure regulator can resolve this problem.

A Hammering Faucet
A hammering sound when turning off the faucet can also indicate that the water pressure is too high. In addition to the installation of a regulator, one of our knowledgeable Southern California plumbers can install shock absorbers and air chambers to mitigate this nuisance.

A Whistling Sound
If your pipes are making a whistling sound, it could mean the pressure in your pipes is too low or they could be filled with debris. Sometimes this can be fixed by turning off the valve, draining out all the water and then reopening the valve.

Rattling Pipes
Rattling pipes when the toilet is flushed often indicates loose pipes. A skilled Orange County or Los Angeles plumber from Adeedo! can check to see if your pipes are properly secured. If they are not, we can correct the situation.

If you are unable to resolve a plumbing issue on your own, then Adeedo! can help. Since 1949, we have been assisting residential and commercial customers throughout Los Angeles and its surrounding areas with all of their plumbing needs.

At Adeedo!, we are proud to be the very best Orange County and Los Angeles plumber. Our team is exceptionally skilled in plumbing maintenance, installation and repair. And our team is available day or night.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an Orange County or Los Angeles plumber from Adeedo!, please give us a call at (833) 936-1791.

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