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Why Plumbing Matters

Adeedo Why Plumbing Matters

We’re not saying this just because we’re plumbers (and our mothers are so proud), and we’re not trying to be boastful, but plumbing is downright important. Why? It touches on health, safety, water sustainability, and more. To break it down, here are some of the reasons we believe plumbing is so important:


  1. In a word, water. Plumbing makes clean, convenient water available to us, harnessing this valuable resource and making it possible for us to safely use water for our health, hygiene and well-being. Can you imagine what it would be like on a daily basis, if you didn’t have quick access to clean water?
  2. Health. The ability of plumbing and sanitation systems to deliver clean water and remove waste has protected populations from communicable disease throughout history. In fact, many within the public health community acknowledge that clean, drinkable water has likely protected more lives and extended life expectancy more than any medical advancement. Wow, think about that. 
  3. Efficiency. Plumbing innovations have dramatically reduced the amount of water used in toilets, shower heads, faucets and other plumbing products that keep us clean and healthy. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the United States could save 3 trillion gallons of water and more than $17 billion dollars annually if every U.S. household converted to WaterSense-certified products.
  4. Energy savings. More efficient plumbing products and systems translate to less water used, which means less water heated and less water transported. That, in turn, means more energy conserved and more money saved.
  5. Happy homes. The kitchens and bathrooms we use every day not only serve functional purposes, they provide the places where our families live, where we find the refuge of comforting meals, soothing baths and peaceful relaxation.


As plumbing advancements continue to solve problems and refine processes, water sustainability gets stronger and stronger. Plumbing is important… In our homes, in our schools and hospitals and businesses, and in developing nations around the world. 


We hope you agree that plumbing is indeed important. It certainly is to us here at Adeedo!

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