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Why Is My Furnace Making That Noise?

Why Is My Furnace Making That Noise?

What Are Those Noises from Your Furnace?

A universal fear is waking up to a bump in the night. While noises like scratching, clicking, and pounding can sound like someone in the house, we’re going to make you feel a bit better. Most of the time, these strange sounds can be attributed to your furnace.

Throughout their lengthy lifespans, a furnace can make a surprising number of strange sounds. Some of which may sound like a nighttime intruder or a ghost.

Once you know there’s no danger, it’s easy to roll over and go back to bed. Before you do, make sure to take note of the noise and call an HVAC specialist in the morning. Usually, a strange noise coming from your furnace is an indicator something is not working properly.

Furnace Making a Squealing Noise

Whether it’s your car, furnace, or other machinery, we all know what a high pitched squeal sounds like. It’s nothing nice and usually means there’s a problem.

One reason your furnace could be making this noise is because the ball bearings that hold the motor in place are starting to wear out.

The fun doesn’t stop there, when pieces of the blower motor are out of place, they can make a very loud squealing or squeaking noise. You can usually blame this on loose parts scraping against each other.

Furnace squealing noises can come from your blower motor.

The other most common reason a squealing noise could be coming from your furnace is because a belt is worn down. Just like your car, the engine in your furnace has a belt. Over time the belt can fray or become loose, both cause it to make a squealing noise.

Furnace Making a Clicking Noise

Another common sound for a furnace to make is a click, click, click noise. Clicking noises could indicate a wide range of problems, most of the time it’s something small, but you’ll still want to get it checked out.

You know how your car will make a clicking noise when you’re starting the ignition? Your furnace makes the same noise for the same reason. An excessive clicking noise could mean that there’s a problem with the ignition system and your furnace can’t properly start.

Remember the ball bearings we mentioned above? In addition to squealing, they can also click. There can also be something in the way of the fan or something the fan is hitting during its cycle.

There are a number of factors that could contribute to this. Too much movement around the furnace, or even an earthquake can push things out of alignment. There’s also a slim chance your furnace was not properly installed.

When you hear a clicking noise, it's time to have your furnace checked out.

Either way, a clicking noise should not be ignored. Take the time and schedule an appointment with your local HVAC company to have it checked out.

Furnace Making a Rattling Noise

Though it may not seem obvious, everything in your furnace needs to be properly aligned to work correctly and safely. When things are thrown out of alignment, they can make a rattling noise.

Case in point, the blower motor. To keep everything in place, the blower motor usually have balancing weights or clips attached to them.

The problem comes when the weights are thrown off. Dirt and other debris can get between the weights and the motor, which can make a big rattling noise.

Another reason you may hear rattling coming from your furnace is that a screw came loose or there’s some stray scrap metal bouncing around in your system.

Take a close listen. Does the rattling only happing while the furnace is actively producing air? If so, this could be from your ducts. Sometimes, ductwork can come loose and need to be reattached.

Loose ductwork can be a reason your furnace is making some strange sounds.

Abnormal noises of any kind should be deferred to the attention of your preferred HVAC contractor.

To learn more about your home air system, schedule an appointment with one of the air experts at Adeedo! Simply click here to schedule an appointment online or call the number at the top of the screen.

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