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Why Does My Heater Keep Turning On & Off?


Our Orange County and Los Angeles heating experts know that efficient heating is important for getting through the chillier days of the winter, even in Los Angeles. However, a short cycling problem could affect the comfort levels in your home or business, making it important to obtain prompt help from a trusted company such as Adeedo! A bit of HVAC knowledge may save you some time in pinpointing the reason for the on-and-off activity of your equipment. While some scenarios may require prompt repair services, our Orange County and Los Angeles heating technicians know others may be resolved with just a couple of simple steps.

What Is Short Cycling?

Your thermostat monitors indoor conditions, determining when to initiate heating activity and when to stop a heating cycle. A number of issues can contribute to shorter heating cycles, including the insulation efficiency of your home, outside conditions, and temperature fluctuations near the thermostat. Unusually short cycles, however, could be caused by problems within the heating system itself. If your system is turning off almost immediately after turning on, the problem is more likely a system issue.

Troubleshooting Your Heating System

Before you call a professional, it’s a good idea to check your thermostat and air filter. A clogged filter can prevent air from moving efficiently through your system. This can lead to overheating, which may cause the heating equipment to turn off almost as soon as it begins a cycle. Replace a dirty filter to determine if this is your problem.

Check your thermostat as well. Make sure that it is set for heating, and verify that the temperature settings are programmed appropriately. You can also check the battery strength to ensure that your thermostat is operating at its optimum level. A weak battery could prevent signals from being transmitted appropriately. If these troubleshooting efforts don’t resolve the problem, then it’s time to call a professional.

Adeedo! has 70 years of experience, an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and is available to help you troubleshoot your heater issues and provide the resolution you need.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an exceptional Orange County or Los Angeles heating technician, please give us a call at (833) 936-1791

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