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Why Automatic Gas Shutoff Valves Are Crucial


Living in Southern California means living with inevitable earthquakes, and while we have become accustomed to the occasional tremor, our expert Los Angeles plumbers at Adeedo! know the safety of your family is the number one concern. Even a small tremor can cause damage to natural gas piping and put your home at risk. This is why it is recommended that all homeowners and commercial property owners shut off their properties gas supply immediately after an earthquake, especially if you smell gas.

While this is an easy task for our Los Angeles plumbers at Adeedo!, the average homeowner may not be able to shut off the gas on their own and in the event of an emergency it may take several days for the gas company to respond. This is where an automatic gas shutoff valve can put your mind at ease. Emergency shutoff valves can prevent serious damage or a major explosion if a gas line breaks.

A natural gas earthquake shutoff valve (also known as a seismic natural gas shutoff valve) automatically shuts off your natural gas service to your home when an earthquake of a sufficient magnitude occurs. Generally speaking, the earthquake shutoff valve is installed on the property gas meter. The purpose of these emergency shutoff valves is to immediately stop the flow of natural gas in case an earthquake strikes your San Bernardino, Los Angeles or Orange County area home or business.

The gas company recommends that you contact licensed, qualified plumbers like those at Adeedo! to reset the seismic valve, and to verify that no gas leaks exist, to ensure that all of your gas appliances are safe before being placed back in operation, and to re-light your pilot lights. Adeedo! can help protect your home by installing an earthquake shutoff valve. Call our expert San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange County plumbers today at (833) 936-1791 for more information and a free quote.

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