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Toilet Gurgling? Some Possible Reasons Why

toilet gurglingIt’s amazing how loud a gurgling toilet can seem in a quiet house in the middle of the night. It’s even louder when you’re lying awake listening to it. Toilets are simple devices, yet they can produce maddening annoyances.

Getting to the bottom of a toilet gurgling issue is also hard because it’s often random and unpredictable. Nevertheless, here are a few DIY solutions you can try before calling in a professional plumber:

Inside the Tank

Toilets sometimes mysteriously turn on and off by themselves. This is the so-called phantom flushing phenomenon. The sound of water spontaneously entering the tank through the fill valve may sound like gurgling.

First make sure that the water level in the tank is a 1/2 inch below the top of the overflow tube. If it’s too close, overflowing water may gurgle in the tank. Make sure the flapper valve in the bottom of the tank isn’t seeping water into the bowl and and causing the toilet fill valve to cycle on and off.

Is It a Clog?

A clogged toilet that can’t fully flush into the house sewer line may belch up gurgling bubbles. If the flushing action seems weak and is followed by gurgles, try plunging the toilet with a toilet plunger to see if that restores flushing function.

Air in the Lines

Air bubbles shouldn’t be in the water supply lines. If they are, it’s typically a sign of a leak somewhere. If you notice frequent appearance of bubbles in other taps and faucets, they may be the cause of gurgling sounds from the toilet. Open up all taps in your house until the bubbles are expelled, then close the taps. If bubbles recur, consult a plumber.

Sediment Accumulation

Hard water can trigger mineral deposits inside toilet supply lines and fill valves. This accumulation may cause water to spurt and sputter instead of flow evenly. If you see evidence of hard water scale on the inside of the tank, replace the water supply line and scrub away the scale on the inside of the tank.

For professional advice and service to stop toilet gurgling, or for other home comfort needs, contact Reliance Home Services.

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