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Tips From the Pros: How To Install a New Kitchen Faucet

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Installing a kitchen faucet can become complicated, so it’s important to understand the process before beginning the job. First, you need to select a faucet that’s appropriate for your needs. Business owners with commercial kitchens will need sturdier faucets with special features, but a homeowner might only need a basic faucet. Here are some tips for basic faucet installations from the professional Los Angeles area plumbers at Adeedo! that will be sure to help you with the process.

Professional Tip 1: Protect the Kitchen Countertop and Sink

Remove items from the countertop near the kitchen sink before protecting the countertop’s surface and the sink. Using plastic tarps over old newspapers is an excellent way to keep the sink and countertop in perfect condition.

Professional Tip 2: Turn Off the Water In the Kitchen

You should turn off the water in your kitchen by finding the valves underneath the sink. To prevent any damage from moisture, it is a good idea to remove everything from the cabinet underneath the sink.

Professional Tip 3: Turn Off the Water At the Main Valve

If you are having any problems turning off the water valve underneath the sink, then turn off the main water valve in your home. This valve is often located near the water heater in a utility closet or basement, or it may be outside.

Professional Tip 4: Remove the Old Faucet

You must remove the old faucet with a basin wrench, but you may need to lubricate the nuts to loosen the items. If you have a cutting tool, then you can use it to cut the nuts so that you can remove the sink easily.

Professional Tip 5: Add Silicone Sealant To the New Faucet’s Base

Use a cloth to clean the area where the old faucet was located, and prepare the new faucet by applying liquid silicone to its base. This additional waterproof barrier will prevent leaks, but it will also stabilize the faucet while you attach it with the new bolts.

Professional Tip 6: Install New Supply Lines

This is the best time to install new water supply lines that are not corroded, helping to supply fresh water to the faucet. Choose supply lines that have gaskets with braided jackets that are simple for you to install.

Professional Tip 7: Turn On the Water Valves

Turn on the water valve while watching carefully for any water leaks that indicate that something isn’t installed correctly. Last, you can turn on the faucet to make sure that it works properly.

Still have questions on how to install a new kitchen faucet or looking for someone to help? Give our highly skilled Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers a call. We have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to solve all your plumbing needs. For more information or make an appointment, contact Adeedo! at (833) 936-1791.

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