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Three Tips To Keep Shower Drains Running Smoothly

shower drainUgh. Who wants to stand in dirty shower water? No one we know. A clogged shower drain is a real nuisance, but it’s also fairly easy to avoid. By taking a few simple steps to protect your drains, you can keep them running smoothly for years.

Use a drain screen.

A drain screen or strainer is a small metal, plastic or rubber cover that sits over the drain and traps hair, soap scum, and other delightful debris to prevent it from entering the drain. When it gets dirty, just remove it, clean it, and replace it. With an inset drain, you can simply drop the strainer into place. If your drain has a crossbar type cover that’s flush with the shower floor, use a flat drain strainer designed to sit on top of the drain.

Break up buildup.

Regularly cleaning your shower drain reduces the buildup that can lead to clogs. Once a month, pour one cup of vinegar into the drain and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. The acidic vinegar will break apart greasy buildup, making it easier to wash away. Then rinse the drain by pouring in a pan of boiling hot water. Even with DIY cleanings like this, you should still have your plumbing system professionally inspected once a year. (Being a part of our Happy Home Club can help.) One of our fabulous Reliance plumbers can thoroughly clean your drains as needed, as well as spot developing leaks and other issues before they do any serious damage.

Avoid greasy personal-care products.

Any vegetable oils or animal fats in your personal-care products can clog up your shower drain just as fatty foods can clog your kitchen sink drain. If you regularly condition your hair with coconut oil or moisturize with a product based on a natural oil, such as olive or jojoba oil, you could end up with a slow drain. This is a bigger risk in cool weather, when oils are more likely to congeal. To protect your drains, minimize your use of oily products or thoroughly towel off your skin before you get into the shower.

For more tips on maintaining your shower drains, contact us at Reliance Home Services anywhere in the Los Angeles area.


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