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The Perks of Regular Drain and Sewer Camera Inspections

The Perks of Regular Drain and Sewer Camera Inspections

A clogged pipe, water leak, or blocked sewer line can be a common but frustrating issue. When materials like debris, grease, paper towels, or wet wipes go down the pipes, this can accelerate clog buildup. With older plumbing, corrosion, leaks, and broken pipes, it’s even more likely.

However, identifying plumbing problems before they occur is easily done with drain and sewer camera inspections. Here are a few reasons these inspections are important and how they can help you prevent emergency plumbing repairs.

What Is A Drain And Sewer Camera Inspection?

A camera plumbing inspection is an inside view of your pipes. A licensed plumber can capture a real-time look at your sewer lines and drains with a drain and sewer camera inspection.

A flexible cable with a fiber optic camera adhered to the end is inserted into your plumbing system and remote-controlled by the plumber to steer through your pipes.

When Do I Need A Drain & Sewer Camera Inspection?

Sewer Back-Up

If you’re noticing that your sewer is backing up, it’s time to call a plumber for an inspection to locate the cause of the problem. Even if you think that it’s a simple clog, that may not be the case. Big issues like roots growing through the sewer line can cause a system backup.

You Have An Older Home Or Are Purchasing An Older Home

If your home and plumbing system is older, you may want to inspect your drains and sewer line for any leaks or clogs. During a drain and sewer camera inspection, you will learn if there are any potential issues that need attention.

buying or selling a house get an plumbing inspections
The same is true when purchasing a new home. Checking your plumbing system before you purchase a new home will give you the reassurance you need that everything is in good working order or the negotiating power to drop the price due to needed repairs.

Low Water Pressure

If you’re noticing a mere drip in your shower head when you go to turn it on, this is a sign that your water pressure is low. Low water pressure can be caused by clogs or leaks in your pipes.

Perks To Regular Drain And Sewer Camera Inspections

Regular drain and sewer camera inspections can help keep your plumbing system in better condition and also help you to save money on repairs.

Locates Water Leaks

A great perk to these regular inspections is that leaks can be easily located. Instead of a plumber having to tear into your walls and concrete and guess where a leak is coming from, they can find its exact location to make the repair.

plumbing leak meme

Identifies Blockage

Drains and sewers become blocked for various reasons. Things such as food and grease clogging up a drain or even tree roots growing through your sewer pipes.

A drain and sewer camera inspection can help a plumber find exactly what is causing the blockage and learn what is needed to fix it. This can help you to decide if a DIY home remedy will help or if a more complex repair is needed.

Evaluations The Condition of The Pipes

Whether your home is older or you’ve just bought a new home, knowing the condition of your water and sewer pipes is very important to ensure that your plumbing system will function well for many years to come. With these inspections, a plumber will be able to notice any broken pipes or signs of corrosion and if a pipe replacement is recommended for your plumbing system.

Quick Repairs

You don’t want to waste time trying to find out where a leak or clog is coming from when a drain and sewer camera inspection can find its exact location much faster. This will allow the plumber to find any potential issues in your plumbing system and get them resolved fast.

Protects Your Lawn

Before these types of inspections were used, licensed plumbers would need to dig trenches in your yard next to the pipes to find a clogged or broken pipe. Because this new technology requires no digging, your grass, shrubs, and trees are protected and will survive for many years.

protect your lawn

Helps You Save Money

Plumbing emergencies must be fixed right away before they cause more damage to your home. In the long run, you’ll save more money by identifying potential issues before they reach a breaking point.

How Much Does It Cost? Can I DIY A Camera Inspection?

Purchasing a plumbing pipe camera to conduct your own inspection can cost between $1,000 to $15,000. In addition, you have to know what you’re looking for and what it means.

To have a drain and sewer camera inspection done by a licensed plumber typically costs between $100 and $200.[1] Schedule your appointment with the licensed and experienced Adeedo team today!

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