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The Importance of HVAC Preventative Maintenance


HVAC units are complex mechanical systems that require professional care and attention. You can trust the heating professionals at Adeedo! to know exactly what it takes to keep your system running at optimal capacity. Why not just wait until something clearly requires fixing? Have you heard the term, HVAC preventative maintenance? The term speaks for itself. HVAC maintenance prevents serious problems! Just as you service your car to prolong the life of your vehicle and make sure it’s running efficiently and safely, your HVAC system also needs to be serviced.

In fact, Adeedo! established our Happy Home Club to easily help you take care of maintenance check-ups… Our Los Angeles and Orange County heating professionals service HVAC units to catch small problems before they can turn into costly repairs, to help reduce the cost of operation, and to ensure your utility bills are as low as possible while keeping your family comfortable and safe.

At Adeedo!, we recommend servicing residential units a minimum of twice annually, once before using the heater during the winter months and again before turning on the A/C for summer. Clogged filters, poorly operating belts and fans can all cause your system to run less efficiently. This can also contribute to complaints such as noise or a constant vibration while operating the HVAC unit.

The best prevention is always MAINTENANCE! Sensors need to be checked and filters need to be changed regularly to ensure good air quality.


When a Los Angeles and Orange County heating professional from Adeedo! inspects your system, we perform our precision heating or cooling check-up. This includes testing, cleaning and adjusting sensors or controls as needed and we won’t ask you to provide your own filters like some other companies do, or tell you that changing the filter wasn’t necessary to cut our costs.

It is always the perfect time to call Adeedo! and schedule our Los Angeles and Orange County heating professionals for a bi-annual HVAC preventative maintenance check-up. Or inquire about joining our Happy Home Club and get maintenance checks automatically. Schedule an appointment online or call today at (833) 936-1791.

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