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Prevent Sewer Line Issues By Keeping Tree Roots At Bay

tree roots in pipeMany plants thrive in the mild Los Angeles area climate, and sometimes trees and shrubs grow a little too vigorously, sending roots into your pipes and causing a sewer line backup. You can prevent this problem with regular sewer line maintenance.

Chemical Root Removal

The simplest way to keep roots out of your sewer lines is to chemically clean the line every four to six months. You can do this with a root remover such as copper sulfate or a foaming root killer. These chemicals kill the roots they come in contact with, but don’t damage the rest of the root system or the tree.

To apply copper sulfate, put on thick rubber gloves and safety goggles, then pour a little less than 1/2 cup copper sulfate into the toilet bowl. Let it sit over night and flush the toilet in the morning. If you decide to use a commercial root killer, follow the instructions exactly to avoid injury or damage to your plumbing.

Mechanical Root Remove

If your plumbing needs more intensive maintenance to prevent a sewer line backup, a plumber can bring in equipment that will efficiently remove roots. One of these is a power sewer auger. This is a motorized cable with a saw-toothed cutting blade on the end. The cable is lowered down into the sewer line and the blade cuts away the tree roots. A hydro jetter is another option. This high-powered pump blasts jets of water into the pipe, cutting through the roots.

Damaged pipes letting in roots can be repaired using the trenchess pipe lining method, which can be done without digging up the pipes. If you have a particularly robust tree that’s repeatedly damaged your sewer lines, removing it might be your best option.

If your sewer line frequently clogs, a plumber can perform a video inspection of your lines to help you assess their condition and decide how to proceed.

For more tips on how to prevent a sewer line backup, get in touch with us at Reliance Home Services in the Greater Los Angeles area.


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