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My Water Heater is Not Working! Here are 5 Reasons Why

Rise, shine, and…freeze?

There’s nothing worse than hopping into your shower first thing in the morning, and rather than the comfort of a warm and cozy suds session, the sudden chill of cold water grazes you like ice.

The inconvenience of issues with your water heater can be frustrating, but no need to stress. Common water heater problems—like no hot water—are nothing new. Whether you discover no hot water, leaking water, discolored water or water that is suddenly too hot, we will put any and all of your water heater problems to rest.

Did you know that by simply taking a quick, closer look, your water heater can give you some clues that something is wrong? That cold shower is a great example!

Before you allow your water heater issue to ruin your day—or even worse, allow it to reach the point of no return that requires an entirely new water heater—here are a few of the most common water heater problems that can signal it is time to give one of our Adeedo! technicians a call for help and nip your problem in the bud.

There’s No Hot Water

No hot water is nothing short of a nuisance, even on warm California mornings. But it is a common water heater problem and can be fairly simple to fix.

If you notice that the temperature of your water heater seems to be stuck on cold, your water heater is asking for some help.  The issue of having no hot water could be attributed to a thermostat or burner problem.

Either way, it’s best to call in a professional to evaluate the situation and let you know what the next best steps are.

The Water Is Too Hot

On the flip side, having water that is too hot is another common water heater problem that can also typically be fixed easily. Be sure to use caution in the meantime, as scalding water can be dangerous. You could run the risk of burning yourself should you use the water prior to the repair.

A technician can assess the issue and make the proper adjustments to ensure the temperature is set properly. This way, you and your family can shower and bathe with peace of mind.

There’s A Noticeable Leak or Pooling Water

Leaks and pools of water collecting beneath your water heater are both bad news. They are also very common reasons why a water heater is not working.

When you see water leaking or pooling from your water heater, the first thing you should do is place some old towels on the excess water to help soak it up. This can assist in keeping the floor dry and avoid the growth of any mold throughout the repair process.

Your next step should be to call a plumber. They can take a look at the tank and see where the leak is coming from. Oftentimes, a leak or pooling water means it’s time to replace the water heater.

There’s Odd Noises Coming from the Water Heater

Appliances should not make loud noises. They should simply stay in their spot and do their job quietly and efficiently. Are you noticing your water heater making sounds that resemble a rumble or banging? This is an indication something is off within the unit and should be inspected.

A water heater should only make the typical light operational noises (similar to a light hum). A water heater expert can inspect your unit and provide the proper repair to get your water heater back to operating properly—and quietly.

The Water Is Rust Colored and Smells Bad

If you turn on your faucet and the water is anything but clear, it’s time to call for help. Discolored water is a sign of an internal issue that should be addressed immediately. You will not want to drink the water if you notice discoloration.

If you notice any sort of metallic smell from the water, it is best to avoid it and contact a technician to look into the issue. In the meantime, stick to bottled water until the problem is fixed.

Over the years, we have encountered and repaired pretty much any type of water heater issue imaginable and stand by our high-quality work that each of our skilled technicians provide day in and day out. Click here to connect with our knowledgeable experts today!

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