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How to Improve Your Water Quality with Pipe Replacement

ow to Improve Your Water Quality with Pipe Replacement

As time goes on and your home ages, so does your plumbing. This can cause your water quality to diminish quite a bit. But did you know that replacing your old pipes can greatly improve the quality of your water? Let’s learn how old pipes can affect your water quality and the benefits of replacing your pipes.

First, What Happens if Your Pipes Are Old?

There are a few different issues that can occur if your pipes are old. When you update your water pipes to a new system it can help prevent the following problems. Here are the most common problems of old pipes.

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Leaks can happen due to old pipes and is a very common problem. Over time, your pipes may break down and become prone to leaks. This will cause minerals and dirt to enter your water supply. This will result in you needing to call in a professional to locate the leak and replace the affected area. More often, if old pipes are the culprit for a leak it’s likely that other areas of your pipes can have the same problem if not fixed quickly.


Corrosion is caused when minerals and water deteriorate the inside walls of your water pipes. This can lead to mineral clogs, pressure buildups, ruptures, and leaks and cause rust to accumulate. Pipe corrosion is an irreversible problem, and the only option is to have your pipes replaced.

Emergency Repairs

If your water pipes are old or corroded, problems such as cracks and significant leaks can arise, leading to emergency repairs of your plumbing system. But the good news is that hefty emergency bills can be avoided. Replacing your water pipe system is the best thing you can do to avoid bigger issues and save some money in the long run.


Dirty, Bad-Tasting Water

When rust and minerals enter your water supply due to corrosion or leaks, it can cause your water to appear dirty and taste and smell a little funky. This is because your water system is taking the corroded and rusted pieces of pipes and carrying those dirty materials downstream and into your drinking water.

How New Pipes Improve Your Water Quality

When new pipes are installed you will be able to tell the benefits right away in most cases. Here are the top three ways that new water pipes will improve your water quality for the better.

Cleaner Water

Because your water pipes will all be brand new, your water will be noticeably cleaner. You’ll no longer notice dirt and rust in your water supply which will make it safe for consumption without the strange taste and smell.

Free From Corrosion

Pipes free from corrosion are the preferred state. This will ensure that your pipes keep the bad minerals and rust out of your drinking water. Pipes that are not corroded will also have fewer problems, such as leaks and ruptures.

All Pipes Are Made From The Same Materials

When your water pipes are composed of more than one type of material, it can cause your pipes to break down a lot faster. When more than one metal or material comes in contact with each other it amplifies the rate at which they break down. Having all your pipes in one uniform material will help to prolong the life of your water system.

Other Reasons to Replace Your Piping

Cleaner water is definitely a big perk of getting your pipes replaced. However, there are a few other reasons to have your water pipes replaced.

Decreased Risk Of Weak Or Busted Pipes

As you now know, corrosion can break down the inside walls of your pipes and cause them to burst and rupture in different areas. Replacing your water pipes can help decrease the likelihood of them busting.

Increased Property Values

A lot of homes get remodeled, but plumbing can tend to get overlooked during the process. Replacing your water pipes can increase the property value of your home as that is something that has been updated and will last longer than old plumbing.

Can You Replace Plumbing Pipes Yourself?

There are some parts of your water pipes that you can replace yourself without the help of a licensed professional. Things such as faucets or shower heads can be replaced completely on your own.

If you’re experiencing corrosion or leaks in your pipes, you need a licensed plumber to complete the job. They have all of the experience, knowledge, and equipment to get the job done properly.

Call Adeedo and Improve Your Water Quality

As you can see there are many benefits to replacing your water pipes. Contact a member of the Adeedo team today and learn how we can help you improve your water quality with pipe replacement!


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