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How Much Humidity Is Too Much In A Home?

too much humidityToo much humidity can make you feel uncomfortable. It can make your home feel damp and sticky. It can cause damage for your home by rotting its wooden infrastructure and promoting mold and mildew. You might also find stains from moisture on your ceilings and walls. But there is something you can do to control humidity in your home.

Optimal Humidity Level for the Home

The Los Angeles area has an average daily humidity of 71 percent. Humidity is usually at its daily high beginning in the morning. Your day could start with a humidity near 80 percent, which drops to around 60 percent by midday. For the best comfort, the ideal humidity level for your home should be between 30 to 50 percent.

Indoor Humidity and Your Health

Because too much humidity in your home promotes mold and mildew, it has a negative impact on indoor air quality. But it can also provide a welcoming breeding ground for dust mites and other insects. This can trigger respiratory or allergy issues for you and your family. So, you want to try to do what you can to reduce the humidity level in your home for your and your family’s comfort.

Installing a Dehumidifier Could Be the Answer

The easiest way to deal with too much humidity in your home is to have a dehumidifier installed. This piece of HVAC equipment works like an air conditioner. It uses a fan to blow air over a cold coil that causes the moisture to condense and then drip into a collection area. The air then passes over a hot coil that returns it to its original temperature. While a regular air conditioner can remove moisture from the air, a dehumidifier does a better job.

Installing a dehumidifier will make your home more comfortable and healthier for your family.


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