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Five Happy Home Resolutions for 2020

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It may sound funny, but when things are running smoothly, you feel better, more in control, and dare we say, happier, right? Be sure it’s smooth sailing for the New Year and beyond, when you make these Happy Home Resolutions…


  1. Respect the throne. That’s right, we’re talking about the toilet. It’s not a waste bucket or a trash can. In 2020, vow to not throw paper towels, cotton swabs and cotton balls, so called “flushable” wipes, wrappers and other debris into the toilet.
  2. Don’t ignore small leaks. They don’t go away. Worse yet, they become large leaks, only getting more complex and expensive. Nip that in the bud!
  3. Be choosy about what goes into your garbage disposal. Fats and oils can gum up the works. Fibrous foods such as celery, corn husks and onions can wreak havoc. Basically, avoid putting anything that can swell, solidify, tangle or collect down the kitchen drain. And be sure to always run cold water when the disposal is in use. 
  4. Avoid chemical drain cleaners. Pour those magic potions down the drain and voila! Drain cleared. Not so fast… What’s also happening is the caustic chemicals are eating into and weakening your pipes, ultimately setting you up for a bad day, if you get our drift. 
  5. Flush your water heater. It’s not uncommon for sediment to build up in the bottom of a water heater, preventing the system from running at maximum efficiency. It’s a good idea to drain this sediment—flushing your water heater—once a year.  


There you have it! We hope you have a happy, smooth draining new year. And if you should need a helping hand, you just give us a call at (833) 936-1791 and we’ll be there. All the best from us to you in 2020!

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