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Do You Know What Your Pipes Are Made Of?


The material that your pipes are made of can make a difference in your plumbing bill, the comfort of your home or business, and your health. There are several types of plumbing pipes including lead, galvanized steel, copper, PVC and PEX.


Lead is malleable enough to be curved or bent around minor construction imperfections. Over time these pipes will disintegrate, leak or cause blockages. Lead stopped being installed several decades ago because of its toxicity. So, if you suspect you have lead pipes, it is important that you have them inspected and replaced by a trusted Los Angeles and Orange County plumber.

Galvanized Steel has durability without the toxicity of lead. These pipes are straight with attached rigid corners. The zinc coating can break down, and over time the steel can rust and the pipe can break or form clogs. Still, these pipes are much safer than those made from lead.

Copper is a lighter material than lead or steel, so it is easier to cut and solder. Copper has high heat resistance. Still, it is an expensive material to use and soldering is a fire hazard. Therefore, it should be installed and repaired by an experienced Southern California plumber.

PVC is most often used for drain and waste pipes, but can be used in supply pipes as well. PVC is inexpensive, easy to install and won’t corrode like its metal counterparts. It is an excellent option and should be a top consideration for plumbing jobs.

PEX piping is a flexible, easy-to-install type of supply line. It comes in red for hot water and blue for cold, but is available in a variety of colors. It is more expensive than PVC and not for outdoor use, but is an exceptional option for indoor use.

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