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Do I Need A New Toilet?

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Not sure whether to repair or replace your toilet? Adeedo! is all about helping our homeowners in Southern California make smart decisions, and offers the following guidance:

When should I replace my toilet?

One reason to replace an old toilet is when it needs to be fixed one too many times. Say the toilet leaks from the bottom. After that’s fixed, it starts to run uncontrollably. Then, following that repair, something else happens. If a toilet has multiple or recurrent issues, you could easily spend more repairing it than just purchasing a new one.

Another reason to swap an old toilet for a new one is when the bathroom is being renovated, and the toilet is no longer up to code or it just doesn’t go with the new decor.

Any toilet that is physically damaged and has cracks should be replaced as should one that continues to clog.

If a plunger needs to be used more than once a week, it’s time to get a new toilet.

Besides improving the look of the bathroom, a new toilet bowl uses less water and thus cuts down on water use. Plus, a sturdy new toilet is more comfortable than an old one that rocks when used. Moreover, new toilets give you the peace of mind of knowing it won’t leak or need fixing for a good while.

When should I repair my toilet?

If your toilet is always running, doesn’t flush completely, is clogged, has a slow-filling tank or needs a new flange, a simple repair might do the job.

An open flush valve or something small within the tank often causes running toilets, and minor adjustments to the float ball, flush valve, or chain can frequently remedy a toilet that doesn’t flush completely. Similarly, many clogs can often be handled by plunging, snaking or hydro jetting, and slow-filling tanks can oftentimes be resolved by checking the shutoff valve and fill line. Finally, leaky toilets that are not cracked might need something as simple as a new flange.

Still have questions on whether repair or replacement is right for you or looking for someone to help?

Give our highly skilled Los Angeles County and Orange County plumbers a call. Adeedo! has the knowledge, skill, and expertise to solve all your toilet and plumbing needs. For more information or make an appointment, contact us at (833) 936-1791.

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