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5 Common Garbage Disposal Clogs

Garbage Disposal

5 Common Garbage Disposal Clogs

When it comes to garbage disposals, our Southern California plumbers know that clogs are extremely common issues. Many times these clogs are caused by the same few culprits, which include:

Potato Skins: The starch found in both potatoes and potato skins becomes glue-like and ultimately wraps around and sticks to your disposal’s moving parts, causing clogs.

Grease and Oil: These substances tend to thicken in your pipes making the passage of water more difficult, which can often lead to backups.

Fruit and Veggie Peels, Skins: Stringy, fibrous items such as onion and garlic skins, celery, carrot peels, cornhusks and asparagus also do not break down well. Additionally, fruit peels such as those from oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, bananas, and melons should not be placed in the disposal. By putting any of these items (or those that are similar) down your garbage disposal, stoppages can easily occur.

Meat: Often times, meat contains gristle and fat, which is very hard for disposals to break up. As a result, our Orange County and Los Angeles plumbers highly suggest that you do not place any cooked or raw meat down the disposal, and avoid ALL meat bones.

Flour: Just like potatoes, when flour mixes with water, it becomes glue-like, which can be quite difficult for your disposal to digest.

When using your disposal, you should allow all items to completely break down before turning off the appliance. You should also never use the disposal without running water. When you turn off your disposal, you should let the water continue to run through the pipes for approximately 30 seconds to help ensure all particles have cleared the drain.

If your disposal becomes clogged and you are unable to repair it on your own, our Orange County or Los Angeles plumbers from Adeedo! plumbing can help. Since 1949, we have been assisting customers throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area with all their plumbing needs.

At Adeedo!, we are proud to be the very best Orange County and Los Angeles plumber. Our team is exceptionally skilled in plumbing maintenance, installation and repair. And they are available day or night.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an Orange County or Los Angeles plumber from Adeedo!, please give us a call at (833) 936-1791.

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