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Buying A New Home? Don’t Forget To Check The Plumbing


Before buying a home, it’s important to know the state of its plumbing. Problems with plumbing are not always obvious, and our Los Angeles and Orange County plumbers advise you make a close inspection before purchase.

Toilets should flush properly, the faucets should flow well and drain completely, and the shower should have good water pressure. Both sinks and toilets should not move when pushed, and the bathroom floor should not have any warping or spongy areas. If aren’t sure the bathroom plumbing meets these standards, then a friendly and knowledgeable plumber from Adeedo! can conduct a professional assessment on your behalf. Discover more about finding hidden water leaks here.

Hot Water Heater
After making sure the hot water works, the location of the water heater itself should be considered. The unit should be in a location that is easy to get to so that it can be properly maintained and quickly accessed during an emergency. Additionally, our  plumbers recommend that water heaters should never be in a place where it can ruin carpets, floors or walls. It’s also important to keep in mind that older homes may present code issues with performance and installation that require updating. If you think that water heater might need to be replaced soon, click here to see what types of water heaters would work best for you.

Any type of sewer problem could quickly become expensive and require digging in a driveway or yard. Slow or clogged drains may indicate a simpler problem with water pipes, but it can also be a sign of a sewer issue. Prior to purchasing a home, it is best to call an experienced Southern California plumber to inspect the water pipes and sewer.

The highly skilled staff at Adeedo! can perform a comprehensive plumbing inspection prior to you purchasing a home, and can make all necessary repairs and installations. In business for 70 years, we are the preferred plumber for Los Angeles and Orange County.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call us at (833) 936-1791.

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