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A Bright Lawn Could Mean You Have a Sewer Line Leak in the Yard

A lush grassy area in your garden may look lovely, but it could also mean you have a sewer line leak in the yard. If your lawn is wet or you notice patches of bright green or brown grass, it’s time to check for leaks. If you have a sewer line leak, you’ll need to call the plumber ASAP.

If you do spot changes in the appearance of your lawn, you might be dealing with a bigger issue.

Leaky Water Main

Have you noticed increased water on your lawn? It could be an indication your water main is leaking. The “water main” is the pipe that runs from the water meter to your home. It brings fresh water into your property and removes water from household appliances and fixtures.

Water mains can get damaged over time by tree roots or rubbish clogging up the pipe. Occasionally, general wear and tear can lead to a burst pipe, especially if the pipe is an older installation.

Most water main pipes are underground, making checking for cracks and damage difficult. Therefore, if you think you have a leak, it’s best to consult a professional plumber who’s experienced in burst pipe repairs.

Sewer Line Leak

If you notice a foul smell in your garden, especially around pools of standing water, chances are you have a sewer line leak. It’s a distinct smell of sewerage and not pleasant to be around. You’ll certainly want to get it fixed as soon as possible!

The most common cause of sewer line issues is similar to main water pipe leaks – a build-up of tree roots. These can block your pipes and prevent sewage from flowing to the main sewer line from your home. Occasionally, old pipes can break and cause a sewer line leak.

If you have a crack or break in your pipe, sewage can leak out into your garden. If you don’t notice the leak until it’s too late, it can cause soil erosion and damage concrete foundations. And if you’re on septic, overflowing sewage can be hazardous to your health and safety.

Call a professional plumber as soon as you notice signs of a sewer line leak. They’ll have the correct camera equipment to quickly detect and fix the leak.

A Broken Sprinkler

Sprinklers are the perfect way to ensure your lawn receives its daily watering. However, water sprinkler heads (spray and rotor types) break and wear out over time. When they do, they can waste a ton of water and damage your lawn in the process.

The easiest way to detect a broken sprinkler head is to look for brown spots on your lawn. This is usually caused by excessive water in one area, killing the grass and indicates broken sprinklers or leaky valves.

There is another problem associated with too much water on your lawn. The extra moisture can lead to mold growth. This is particularly bad if it starts growing under your deck or patio. Excessive moisture also leads to brown grass as it starts to die away.

Check your drainage to ensure any excess water can easily flow away. If your drainage and sprinkler are fine, you may have a plumbing problem.

A Rise in Your Water Bill

If your water bills are rising, yet there’s been no increase in how much you are using in the home, there could be a leak on your property. A soggy lawn also indicates a water leak, and the constant flow of water from the leak will increase your bills.

The easiest way to find out is to read your water meter before and after a two-hour period when no water is being used. If the meter does not read exactly the same, you probably have a leak. Another sign is a wet or soggy spot on the ground, especially where the main water line comes into your house, the water heater, or outside faucets.

You can reduce the risk of leaking outdoor pipes by scheduling in regular plumbing maintenance.

Low Water Pressure

Let’s face it. A drop in water pressure is a pain. There’s nothing worse than trying to use water for cleaning or watering your garden, and you get nothing more than a trickle from the hose pipe.

A drop in water pressure could signify a leak or damage to your lateral line. For example, tree roots can sometimes grow into pipes, causing damage and cracking. Leaks appear that erode away at the damage, causing a drop in water pressure.

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