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5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Smart Thermostat

It feels like smart systems are taking over. We started with smartphones, now smart watches, and soon, most people will have a smart home. We’re asking you to step into the modern age and sharing 5 reasons you should invest in a smart thermostat.

Nearly 33 million North American households can’t be wrong, right? Learn why a smart thermostat is the way of the future.

1.  Lower Your Energy Bills with a Smart Thermostat

One of the best, and biggest reasons, most homes are turning to “smart” power is to become more efficient. Modern thermostats allow you to take control of how and when you use your HVAC system. A great feature with smart thermostats is that they can track your energy usage and provide an easy to read report. Before, you would need to try and make sense of your monthly energy bill, now you can see a customized report on your phone. This customized report will tell you how and when you’re using energy and where you can cut back. Most homeowners see an average savings of  $140 per year on energy bills.

2.  Control Your Home Temperature from Your Smartphone

You no longer need to be at home to adjust the temperature. Smart thermostats allow you to do this with the simple click of a button on your phone. We have homeowners who want to return to an ice-cold house on a hot day. After they’re done working or running errands, they adjust the thermostat before they head home. This way, you can remotely control the temperature of your home. This enables you to use your thermostat anywhere. Taking a vacation and worried about the dog getting too hot? Adjust the temperature from your phone! Want to make sure your kids don’t make any temperature changes? Easily override any manual settings from your phone. There are some smart thermostats that even respond to the sound of your voice. Meaning you don’t even need to get off the couch or look at your phone to make your home 5-10 degrees hotter or cooler.

3.  Automatically Adjust Your Home Temperature to The Weather Outside

Another great thing about smart thermostats is that they can memorize your patterns. After a few months or a year of use, the thermostat has a record of how you’ve been keeping your home, and it can automatically adjust. Working from home and suddenly feel a chill? It’s ok, your thermostat should adjust automatically to keep you comfortable. Gone for the day and the weather changes? Your thermostat can change with the weather, no matter the condition.

4.  Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Time is proving that “going green” is more than a trend, it’s something modern homeowners are embracing. We have more clients than ever asking about how they can be energy efficient for the environment. We touched on this above, but a smart thermostat provides you with real-time reports of your energy usage. This allows homeowners to see where their energy is being used and how they can use it more efficiently.

5.  Control the Temperature with Your Voice

You no longer need to use the phrase, “while you’re up, change the thermostat.” Instead, you can just directly tell the thermostat. Left your phone in the other room? No problem, smart thermostats can link up with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit. Just as you would ask Alexa to play a song, you can now have Alexa change the temperature. However, some thermostats are smarter than others. We’ve seen our clients play music and take phone calls from their thermostat and smart home system. The future awaits, and it’s in a thermostat.

Ready to Make the Switch?

The HVAC experts at Adeedo can help you with any smart thermostat questions you may have. Simply call the number at the top of the screen or click here to book an appointment online.

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