Slab Leaks / Electronic Leak Detection

When it comes to a slab leak, Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire residents can count on Adee Plumbing to get them resolved both quickly and efficiently.

Slab leaks occur in homes and businesses built directly on concrete slabs with most often copper piping running throughout. Although copper piping is considered to be the most durable pipelines with many withstanding over 80 years of use, even these pipes can become compromised and begin to leak.

Signs of a slab leak may include:

Abnormally High Water Bills – sudden increases in your monthly bill unrelated to any other known plumbing issue or an improperly working water meter

Sounds of Running Water – hearing the sound of running water when none is currently in use

Hotspots on Your Floors – areas of flooring that are noticeably warmer than surrounding areas or rooms that seem excessively hot and humid that never was before

Standing Water – visible pools of water or mud not due to overwatering, appliance leaks or defective irrigation vlaves

Undeniably, some or all of the aforementioned conditions may exist without the presence of a slab leak. In order to know for certain whether or not you have a slab leak, Los Angeles and surrounding area residents should have a professional take a look.

At Adee Plumbing, we offer the very best slab leak detection. Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire residents have trusted us since 1949 and you can too!

With highly trained plumbers available 24/7, we can have your leak resolved in no time.

And with the highest quality slab leak detection, Los Angeles and surrounding area residents can trust that our diagnosis and repair will be second to none!

To schedule an appointment or receive a free estimate on repairing a slab leak, Los Angeles and surrounding locals please contact us at 1 (800) 554-5858.