When you have problems with your sewers or drains, you need not look any further than Adee Plumbing. With more than 6 decades of experience when it comes to drain and sewer repair, Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire residents know they can count on us.

A family owned business opened in 1949, Adee is proud to offer professional and reliable service when it comes to both sewer and drain repair. Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire home and business owners can rest assured that our dedicated team of plumbers has the knowledge, skill and experience to fix any sewer or drain issue.

Our plumbers are trained in a wide variety of drain and sewer repair and cleaning services, including the clearing of stoppages, sewer re-lining, excavation, pipe repair and installation, backflow testing, high pressure hydro jetting, sump pump installation, pipe replacement, line location, and electronic leak detection.

Plus, we use the latest technology, which helps us quickly and efficiently complete any drain or sewer repair. Los Angeles and surrounding area residents can rest easy knowing that our plumbers are trained in video sewer inspections, which allows a fiber optic camera to be sent through a sewer or drain line to locate any leaks or obstructions. This technique is safe for all types of pipes and details with certainty the condition of drain lines. Additionally, it easily locates precise points of repair and can even be a great indicator of other potential issues that might arise.

And at Adee, we offer 24-hour emergency service for sewer and drain repair. Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire locals can call us day or night and we will have someone out to help in no time. After all, we know that not all sewer and drain problems occur during normal business hours.

So for the ultimate in drain and sewer service or repair, let us help!

To schedule an appointment or receive a free estimate on a drain or sewer repair, Los Angeles and surrounding residents please contact us at 1 (800) 554-5858.